Thursday, July 24, 2014

Buckingham Branch Railroad

Clifton Forge, Virginia 

The Buckingham Branch Railroad is a short line railroad that operates here in central Virginia over parts of the former Chesapeake and Ohio system. Their headquarters are in the old C&O Depot in Dillwyn, Virginia and trains serve local industries along 16 miles of track between Dillwyn and Bremo. The railroad also leases 200 miles of track which runs from Richmond to Clifton Forge, passing through Charlottesville.

Locomotives 12, still showing Kansas City Southern (KCS) paint is an EMD GP40-3 built in 1968. Locomotive 13, also an EMD GP40-3 was built in 1967 and displays the Buckingham Branch paint scheme.

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Country Home

Augusta County, Virginia 

Like many of my fellow baby-boomers, I grew up in one of the suburbs that sprang up at the end of World War II.

But when I was a boy, aunts and uncles and cousins lived in houses that looked very like the old country house in the picture above. I envied them then. Now, I remember the smell of biscuits and bacon in the kitchen; the smell of gasoline and grass in the sheds; the freedom outdoors, and the comfort inside.

Sitting beside the road with my camera, I could almost believe that any minute Aunt Clemmie, all these long years gone, would step through that aluminum storm door, a white wash pan on her hip and black-rimmed glasses glinting in the afternoon sun.

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Eagle Rock, Virginia

The only source I could find for the date of the station in Eagle Rock says that it was built in 1915 to replace an earlier wooden structure. Chesapeake and Ohio passenger and freight service to Eagle Rock continued into the early 1950s. The depot is now a CSX railroad maintenance and storage building. Trains no longer stop in Eagle Rock.