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The Trackside Photographer

On The Trackside Photographer, writer and photographer Kevin Scanlon writes about railroad location signs in West Virginia. Kevin has been photographing railroads in West Virginia since the 1970s, and his beautiful black and white photographs accompany today's article. Click here to read "West Virginia Signs."

The Trackisde Photographer is a website dedicated to the railroad landscape.

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White House

Page County, Virginia 

Martin Kauffman was one of the earliest settlers in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, arriving in 1732. His son, Martin Kauffman II built the White House in 1760 as a home, a Mennonite meeting place and a fort. Gun ports in the cellar allowed the settlers to shoot at attackers.

A couple of hundred yards from the house, the current highway bridge crosses the river. In 1862, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson ordered the burning of the White House bridge to delay the pursuing Northern Army.

The White House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Massanutten mountain range rises in the west behind the White House

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