Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mountain Top

George Washington National Forest - Augusta County, Virginia 

I took this photograph one morning earlier this year in the George Washington National Forest. It is what I think of as a "record shot." I was there; this is what I saw. Photos like this are not intended to be scenic, or beautiful, or artistic. It is quite an ordinary photograph and not particularly interesting, yet over the last couple of months I have returned to it again and again.

Yes, it reminds me of that day as I walked all alone along the top of a ridge in the cool mountain air and the silence, but to me, it is more than just a memory. For some reason this photograph has the power to carry me back to the distant, wordless emotion that I felt that spring morning. Smells can do that sometimes.  It is a smell photograph. No one can smell it but me.

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Augusta County, Virginia

Henry Miller was an important early Virginia industrialist.  Around 1774, he and a partner established Mossy Creek Iron Works to produce iron bar, cooking pots, stoves, axes, and picks. During the Revolution, the ironworks produced cannons, cannonballs and small arms.

 Miller built his residence at Mossy Creek in the mid 1780s and the house still stands today as a rare example of 18th century Shenandoah Valley architecture. This two story springhouse is one of two original outbuildings still standing on the property. The Henry Miller house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014