Minnie's Page

Minnie is gone. She died last October, and we buried her behind the garden shed, in the corner of the fence.

Minnie's favorite subject was Minnie. So it seems fitting that Minnie should have her own page.

Minnie was always ready to help when I went out in the yard with the camera. Her help consisted mostly of bumping into me just as I released the shutter and getting between me and what I wished to photograph. Minnie did not see much point in taking a picture that did not have Minnie in it.

Minnie loved to hear her name spoken. Even when she was asleep, her tail would flick at the sound of her name.

Losses accumulate over the years, and so do memories. Minnie's memory is simple and sweet; a well loved name and the sleepy flick of a tail.

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  1. Two years ago, we lost Babe of 14 years. She was a wonderful Boarder Collie and loved the outdoors, especially the snow and the cold. I do believe she was part Huskey.

    If you felt the same about Minnie as we did about Babe, we will share your tears and the lost feeling in your heart. We know how you feel. Take care my Friend...


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