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Through the snow

Greene County, Virginia 

Five inches of snow came down earlier this week for the first significant snowfall of the winter here in central Virginia. Residents of the northeastern states who have been buried in snow this year might say, "Your call that snow?" It's enough for me—I am ready for warm weather.

Hope you are someplace warm for the weekend. Thanks for reading Photography In Place.

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Third Sunday - February 2014

Low Moor, Virginia 

Oakland Presbyterian Church - 1847

Although the church was organized by Scotch-Irish settlers in 1834, the brick building which still stands was built in 1847. The simple and sturdy architecture is representative of a mid 19th century country church. The building was used as a hospital during the Civil War and several Confederate soldiers are buried in the churchyard, including 12 members of a Tennessee regiment that served under Stonewall Jackson.

Low Moor is located in the mountains of western Virginia between the towns of Covington and Clifton Forge. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Friday, February 13, 2015

A walk in November woods 5

Holliday Lake State Park - Appomattox County, Virginia 

This month's Third Sunday will feature an antebellum church near Low Moor, Virginia. Build in 1847, used as a hospital during the Civil War and still standing today, the church and cemetery tell the history of  19th century Scotch-Irish settlers in the mountains of western Virginia. Stop in on Sunday and have a look.

Enjoy the weekend, and as always, thanks for reading Photography In Place.

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End of the line

Dillwyn, Virginia

Thanks for joining me on a visit to the Buckingham Branch Railroad. I have more pictures from my trip to Dillwyn that I will post in the future, but next week we will move on to something different.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Passenger coaches

Dillwyn, Virginia 

Passenger cars wait on a siding outside the Dillwyn Station.  Several of  these cars are owned by the Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society and I believe two of the coaches are owned by the Buckingham Branch for entertaining clients.

The ex-Southern coach #1006, pictured below, was donated by the Southern Railway to the Old Dominion Chapter in 1968. The car was built by Pullman in 1922 and is currently used on the Buckingham Branch Railroad for Chapter excursions.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad

Dillwyn, Virginia

When I was a boy in the 1950s, the Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad tracks ran close to our house and I remember watching both freight and passenger trains pass by. Some were pulled by steam locomotives. The last steam powered RF&P passenger train left Washington's Union station in 1954 bound for Richmond, Virginia. It would have passed by my house.

The RF&P was chartered in 1834 and was finally acquired by CSX and merged into their system in 1991.

Two pieces of RF&P equipment, owned by the Old Dominion Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society are preserved in Dillwyn on the Buckingham Branch Railroad.

RF&P locomotive #101 is an EMD GP7, built in 1953. and leased to Buckingham Branch. RFP passenger coach #706, built in 1925 is also stored in Dillwyn in the Buckingham Branch rail-yard.  Both are used for rail-fan excursions over Buckingham Branch tracks.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rolling stock

Dillwyn, Virginia

Buckingham Branch Railroad caboose 222, pictured above, is the former Chesapeake and Ohio caboose #904134. See here for a 1978 picture of the caboose in "Chessie System" paint.

BB#1 is an EMD GP7 road switcher built in 1951. This locomotive is former Seaboard #2380, pictured here in 1985.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Buckingham Branch Railroad

Dillwyn, Virginia

Back in November I spent four days photographing around Appomattox County, Virginia. (See here and here.) One morning I got up early and drove up to Dillwyn, which is north of Appomattox in Buckingham County to visit the Buckingham Branch Railroad. The short-line railroad was founded in 1988 and operates 275 miles of track in central Virginia and as far west as Clifton Forge.

Hope you will stop in and visit this week as we explore the Buckingham Branch Railroad.

BB #4 - "The General" is a RS4TC switch engine built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1954.