Winter farmland - near Creswell, North Carolina 

"Your own photography is never enough. Every photographer who has lasted has depended on other people's pictures too--photographs that may be public or private, serious or funny, but that carry with them a reminder of community." Robert Adams - Why People Photograph

My name is Edd Fuller. I live in a rural area of central Virginia, not too far from Charlottesville. I started photographing with a Minolta SR7 in 1971 while stationed in Germany. There was a photo lab on the base where I learned to develop and print, and for me the end result of taking pictures is holding that print in my hands. Over the years, my involvement with photography has waxed and waned, based mostly on whether a darkroom was available.

In 2003, being without a darkroom, I bought my first digital camera and began learning to print in the digital "darkroom."

I photograph places close to home. The camera helps me see and appreciate where I live. The camera helps me develop a sense of place and allows me to put down visual roots.

At the close of 2009, I began reviewing my photographic work for the year, partly to figure out what had worked well for me during the year, and what had not. I found many things were coming together and working well, and I found lots of things that need improvement. And I realized that I wanted the opportunity to share my work and participate with a larger comunity of photographers.

And that is the impetus for Photography:In Place. I am mostly interested in pictures, and that will be the focus here. From time to time, I may write on things that interest me. I hope you enjoy reading and looking at pictures. Please feel free to comment. Thanks


  1. I just looked at your photographs of Madison County! You have lots of good pictures of Madison County Landmarks, many of which have a special place in my heart. I enjoyed seeing them very much!!!
    Alma Lu Ayers

    1. Thanks Alma. One of the things that interests me is the way places become woven into the fabric of our lives. Madison County is a beautiful place and I am glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures.


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