Friday, February 8, 2013

A winter morning walk #5

Mute Swan in flight - Green County, Virginia

Near the end of our winter morning walk we find ourselves standing on the earthwork dam that forms the lake, listening to to the sound of a mute swan approaching. Swans are strong flyers and their wings make a strange creaking, almost eerie sound that can be heard at quite a distance. (Click here to hear the wing sounds on a short video.)  The swan flies directly overhead and out over the lake, where he circles and makes another pass before disappearing into the fog.

Hope you have enjoyed our walk this week. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading Photography In Place.

The swan circles overhead before flying off to the other end of the lake.


  1. The sound made by the swans' flight reminds me of a much quieter version of an Airbus 320 winding up. :-)

    1. I am glad the swan is quieter than an Airbus 320 or we would never get any sleep around here.

  2. Edd, your work is just amazing, always great images here.

  3. Thanks Don. I appreciate your encouragement.


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