Monday, December 1, 2014

In This Place: Pamplin City - Part One

Appomattox County, Virginia 

Pamplin City is an almost forgotten Virginia town a few miles west of Appomattox. I visited there on November 11, 2014 to photograph Pamplin's Main Street buildings, all now empty or used for storage.

A fire in 1909 destroyed 33 wood-frame buildings in Pamplin City, prompting the town to pass an ordnance that required all future buildings to be constructed of brick. These sturdy brick buildings facing the railroad tracks were once the downtown heart of Pamplin City.

The Pamplin railroad depot was restored in 2004 and now serves as library and town offices. The depot is known as a combination station, designed to house both passenger and freight services.

Pamplin City is featured in the book Lost Communities of Virginia (University of Virginia Press, 2011). Most of the information I will be sharing this week came from that book.


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