Friday, September 25, 2015

Western wildlife

Rocky Mountain National Park 

At breakfast we discussed the possibility of seeing wildlife up in the mountains—elk, bear, maybe even bighorn sheep. And we did see several elk and a black bear that day. The bear was in a tree and partially hidden by the foliage, but the elk were in the open. They are magnificent animals, much larger than I anticipated and with enormous antlers.

When I packed for the trip, I decided to take only my DSLR with my 17-70mm as a good all-purpose lens. For one thing I didn't want to lug a bunch of gear through the airports, and for another, nobody wants to be around me when I get engrossed in taking photographs. I was in Colorado to visit family, not to take pictures.

Consequently, I was without the long lens needed to photograph western wildlife, except for the friendly little fellow in the photo above, who came close and posed for me. The elk were more stand-offish.

Thanks for reading Photography In Place, and whether you travel or stay home this weekend, be safe and enjoy.


  1. It was great having you out here. I am sorry the animals did not cooperate however!

    1. Dorene--I really enjoyed my time in Colorado. I saw elk for the first time in my life and they were pretty close too, so I am perfectly satisfied with my wildlife experience there. Besides, I was there to see family--anything else was a bonus.


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