Monday, December 3, 2012

Cypress Swamp #1

Merchant Millpond State Park - North Carolina 

In the middle of November, I made another visit to eastern North Carolina. My fascination with this area began several years ago with a trip to Buffalo City and the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge. Since then we have made a number of trips to the swamps and marshes of North Carolina, exploring each one in our small inflatable boat.

Norfleet's Millpond was formed in 1811 and the gristmill, sawmill and associated businesses became an important part of the Gates County economy. The millpond became known as Merchant's Millpond. Shortly before World War II the mills closed down and much of the land was sold to developers. Nine hundred and nineteen acres were donated to North Carolina and Merchant Millpond State Park was established in 1972. Since then additional donations have increased the size of the park to  over 3250 acres.


  1. Spent a number of delightful hours canoeing at Merchant Millpond. Thanks for bringing back the memories!

    1. It is a great spot--didn't get to see as much as I would have liked but am planning another trip there soon. Check back this week for more pictures from Merchant Millpond.


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