Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cypress swamp #4

Merchant Millpond State Park - North Carolina

Over the years we have spent a lot of time poking around the marshes and tributaries of the Potomac River and found that each marsh or creek has its own unique ecology. In one place a creek winds through tall marsh grasses dotted with red-winged blackbirds. A few miles away a small inlet leads into a shallow marsh choked with lily-pads where snakes and frogs are the only wildlife visible.

The same has been true in coastal North Carolina. While you might suppose that one coastal swamp is just like another, we have found that each area we visit has its own unique mix of terrain, foliage and wildlife. The Alligator River Refuge is quite different from the Dismal Swamp which is not very like Merchant Millpond.

A small boat is the ideal way to taste the individual character of these places, and to appreciate the extraordinary variety of the natural world. And whether you encounter a blackbird or an alligator, each trip is worth every mile and every minute.


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