Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rodney, Mississippi

Jefferson County, Mississippi - April 2013 

I believe the building in the photo above, and the store with the gas pumps and Coca-Cola sign on the far left of the 1940 photo below are one and the same. If so, I was standing in the crossroad of the 1940 picture, looking down the road that runs to the left. The only building standing today, is the store.

August 1940 - photograph by Marion Post Wolcott - Library of Congress


  1. I think this might be the Burkley building....a store & bakery downstairs & living quarters upstairs (my mother said they had fabulous crystal chandeliers)...Arcola sold it o somebody who wanted the bricks...for $100.00. Built by Lorenz Burkley & his wife Catherine Efinger. Later, their son, Joseph Lorenzo Burkley had a liquor store which might have been out of the same building.

    1. The history of these old buildings is fascinating--thanks for the information.


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