Monday, July 1, 2013


McComb, Mississippi

I thought about Carl Weese when I came across this fireplug in McComb. Carl has photographed dozens of fireplugs and posts them from time to time over on Working Pictures (see a selection of Carl's photos here).

Fireplugs, or fire hydrants if you prefer, are interesting in their variety of shapes and in the way they fit into different streetscapes. This fireplug is a bit unusual in that it is painted white—red and yellow are by far the most common colors. Not sure what the blue line on the sidewalk signifies.


  1. Edd, that's a fun one, and white is unusual. I like the broken cap retention chains. I've never been to MS but imagine there's a lot of subject matter I'd love to work with. Didn't get there on last year's road trip because there are only a couple theaters left, and none at all in LA, just two in AK, so I just couldn't include the region on my route to get just four venues.

    1. Carl, too bad you missed MS on your trip, although the only drive-in i remember coming across in MS is one in Meridian. But you are right that there is a lot of interest in that part of the country.


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