Monday, August 12, 2013

Homochitto Lumber Company

Mississippi Central Depot - Bude, Mississippi - April 2013

Founded in February, 1912 the Homochitto Lumber Company bought up vast tracts of timber in Franklin, Amite and Adams counties and selected a mill site in Franklin county. The town of Bude grew up around the new mill, which employed 800 people when it opened in 1913.  The town continued to grow attracting many businesses and stores, including a Ford dealership, a theater, and bowling alley. In 1936, the timber was cut out, the sawmill closed and Bude began its long decline.

The historic photos below are used with the kind permission of Mississippi Rails, a website devoted to the history of railroads in Mississippi. Many additional period photographs and a detailed history of Bude and the sawmill are available on their Homochitto Lumber Company page.

A passenger train arrives at the Mississippi Central depot in Bude. The building to the left of the depot is the Homochitto Lumber Company's office.

The mill, the depot and the town of Bude from the air in 1920

Stop by Photography In Place on Wednesday for some more photographs of Bude, taken 100 years after the sawmill began operation in 1913.


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