Friday, July 11, 2014

C&O Locomotibe 614 - In the cab

Clifton Forge, Virginia

If you are of a certain age, it is likely that at some point you dreamed of roaring down the tracks with one hand on the throttle and one hand on the whistle cord of a massive steam locomotive. The sound of the whistle is like nothing else: urgent and lonesome, it is a sound that no longer echos across the American landscape.

 The engineer's seat.
After her retirement in 1952, 614 continued to operate on and off through the years, both as an excursion train and as a test locomotive in the 1980s to study the feasibility of designing a modern steam powered locomotive to haul coal. The picture above of the engineers seat shows the relatively modern cab controls added during this period.

Looking forward from the fireman's seat on the left had side of the cab.

For more information about the history of C&O 614, including the years from her retirement to the present, visit The Official Website of Chesapeake and Ohio Steam Locomotive #614

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