Wednesday, August 6, 2014

102 Railroad Avenue

Eagle Rock, Virginia 

If you are not a fan of railroad photography, you will be happy to know that I am almost out of railroad related material for now. If you do like railroad photography, then I hope you have enjoyed the pictures the last few weeks, and I direct your attention to Lost Tracks of Time.

Matthew Malkiewicz has photographed railroads throughout the country. There are some great pictures in the slide show on the home page, but be sure to delve into the dozens of galleries which manage to catch the ghosts of railroading past.


  1. I've thoroughly enjoyed all your railroad pictures. I'm sorry you're almost done. I never tire of looking at old trains and need to visit the C&O Railroad Heritage Center some day. I won't complain about your railroad pictures if you won't complain about my pictures of boats. ;)

    1. I hope to make it back up to Mystic Seaport sometime. And I never get tired of pictures of boats:)


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