Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lafayette Meeks

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park - Virginia 

Francis Meeks was a storekeeper, druggist and postmaster in the small village of Appomattox Court House at the beginning of the Civil War. His son, Lafayette, died from typhoid fever while serving in the Second VA Cavalry His single gravestone lies in an open field west of the village. The stone reads:

In Memory Of
Lafayette W. Meeks
Son of
Fransis and Maria Meeks,
Born March 2, 1843;
And died in defence of his country October 4th, 1861
at Fairfax C.H. House, Va.

He was a member of the Appomattox Rangers, in 
which company he served faithfully in the battles
 Bull Run and Manassas


  1. This is a very poignant photograph and story. Great composition. I often run across single headstones, or small family plots in this part of the country as well. Each has a story to tell.

    1. Ed, the entire park has a sad and poignant feeling about it. The story it tells is indeed a most sad one.


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