Tuesday, January 6, 2015

McLean House

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park 

This photograph of the McLean house was taken from the top of the nearby hill where a small Confederate cemetery holds the graves of eighteen Confederate soldiers and one Union soldier, killed on April 8th and 9th, just before Lee and Grant met in the McLean house to end the war.

The McLean house was dismantled in 1893 with the intention of moving it to Washington D.C. as a war museum. The plans fell through and the piles of brick and lumber were left to rot. In the 1940s, the National Park Service reconstructed the house on it original foundation.

McLean House - 1865  
This photograph, taken by Timothy O'Sullivan, shows the McLean House as it appeared in April, 1865. The family of the house's owner, Wilmer McLean, are seated on the steps. (Photo - Library of Congress)

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