Friday, June 29, 2012

Fat Freda's

Colonial Beach, Virginia

This past week has been perfect early summer weather here in Virginia, with clear skies, plenty of sunshine and cool breezes keeping the temperatures comfortable. But hot weather is heading our way this weekend so it will be a good time to find a cool retreat.

Hot or cool, have a great weekend, and thanks for reading Photography in Place.


  1. Edd, it looks like you've been having a great deal of fun. Love these photos and this looks like a good place to visit.

    I may not always comment but I sure look at all of your posts. Love your travels and photos. Keep it up... :-)

    1. Thanks Glenn. I appreciate your kind words. Colonial Beach is an interesting town in many ways and always worth a visit.

  2. Love this shot, this is what the "real" America is once you get off the interstates and hit the back roads.

  3. Thanks Don. I agree; the interstates make us bypass much of what is most interesting in this country.


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