Sunday, July 15, 2012

Third Sunday - July 2012

Fairfield, North Carolina 

Fairfield United Methodist Church, ca. 1877.

"Some small congregations built elaborate renditions of the Gothic style such as the Fairfield Methodist Church in Hyde County, built in 1877 and 'finished in elegant modern style.' Local reports claimed it was 'a house of worship that will not suffer in comparison with nine-tenths of the churches in the State, taking both city and country' -- quite a boast for a tiny village. The builder, William Walling, blended Gothic motifs with classical and Italianate ones. Dark, delicate Gothic trim enriches the lancet-framed chancel, and airy trusswork fills a roof bordered by ornamental sawnwork."
from North Carolina Architecture by Catherine W. Bishir, University of North Carolina Press,  1990


  1. Nice picture. It's nice you're able to get this shot without the church being obstructed with wires, poles etc. That seems to be a problem for me when I try to photograph some of the churches I find throughout the New England area. Thanks for posting.

    1. Ed, I try to not be too bothered by the ubiquitous wires/poles and just make the best of it, but sometimes it is impossible. Another thing that often mars old church buildings like this are ugly and architecturally inappropriate modern additions.

      This church was in a remarkably "clean" setting, which made it easy to photograph, but you are right--one doesn't find them like this very often.

  2. Nice, too, the way the steeple plays against the sky.


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