Monday, May 6, 2013

Kansas Ciry Southern Freight Yard

Vicksburg, Mississippi 

The last time I visited the KCS yard in Vicksburg was in 2011 during the record Mississippi River flood (click here for more on that). At that time, all of the rolling stock had been removed just in case the flood wall did not prevent the river from inundating the yard. Last week, things were back to normal, and as I walked around and took pictures three locomotives were busy making up cars.

The river is on the rise again this spring and the flood gates protecting the city are once again being closed. Yesterday (Sunday) the river was at 41.3 feet and is expected to reach flood stage (43.0 feet) by May 16th.


  1. Sorry. The song that just suddenly sprang to mind was "Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river. " :-) Hope it doesn't come to that.

    1. The Mississippi is rolling indeed--even just below flood stage, it is an impressive sight. So far they are not anticipating 2011-like flood levels.


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