Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Morning - Overgrown

We have been traveling this spring. When we left in April, the dogwoods were starting to bloom, the redbud trees were illuminated with small red blossoms, and the grass was just starting to come up. After three weeks away, we returned to find we had missed a big part of spring. The dogwood and redbud blooms were gone and lush green had replaced the delicate greens and muted russet of early spring

And the grass was knee-high. Several varieties of weeds had flourished during the three weeks without being mowed, and there were bright wild flowers scattered about the overgrown yard—wild flowers that we normally do not see because they are mowed down before they are able to bloom.

It rained for a couple of days after we got back, but I was finally able to mow at the end of the week and the yard is once again neat. The weeds are gone except for a few bright flowering clumps that I mowed around just to enjoy a while longer. After all, neatness isn't everything.


  1. I think I spy fleabane in that first photo--a members of the daisy family.

  2. And I think the second may be a buttercup.

    1. I believe you are correct about the fleabane, although at first I thought it was some kind of aster. The second is surely a buttercup, although it is much larger than the variety of small buttercups that are very common around here. I'll confess that I am easily confused when it comes to identifying weeds and wild flowers.

  3. That first picture is great, no matter what kind of wild flower. Very nice work, Edd.


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