Monday, May 20, 2013

Windsor Cemetery

Claiborne County, Mississippi 

Just down the road from the Windsor Ruins, there is a small sign indicating the location of the Windsor Cemetery. There is barely room to get off the road, and an overgrown path leads through the woods to an old Indian Burial Mound. On top of the mound, the inhabitants of Windsor and their relatives dating from the very early years of the 19th century are buried. Captain Frisby Freeland, who fought in the Revolutionary War and died in 1826 is buried there, along with the Daniells family who owned Windsor Plantation.

Today, the cemetery is untended and overgrown. The low brick wall that surrounds the cemetery is crumbling and many of the tombstones are deteriorating.

 A deep gully is encroaching on one side of the cemetery and threatens its continued existence. One corner of the cemetery's brick wall has collapsed into the ravine.

A wrought iron gate still guards the entrance, but can bar neither time nor neglect. It seems sad, but somehow fitting that this cemetery, where the hopes and dreams of those who once lived in the doomed Windsor Mansion lie buried, should itself fall into ruin


  1. Fascinating series of photos, Edd. Thank you for sharing not only the photos, but the history behind them. I've seen many cemetaries around New England like the Windsor Cemetary, some which date from the 1600's. I find it surprising that a Revolutionary War Vet would find his way to Mississippi back in the early 1800's.

  2. Thanks Ed. It is not too uncommon to find Revolutionary War vets buried in Mississippi. In 1800, the Mississippi Territory was the western frontier, and attracted settlers from all walks of life I suppose.

  3. Great photos here. It's a shame to see things get neglected. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks Linda. Seems like we lose places to neglect and no one cares until after they are gone.


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