Friday, June 28, 2013

McComb Railroad Museum - #3

McComb Mississippi 

The era of massive steam locomotives is gone. The artifacts and memories are preserved in places like the McComb Railroad Museum and other museums and historic sites throughout the country, and in the minds of those who lived when steam ruled the rails.

Riding in my dad's new 1953 Pontiac alongside a steam locomotive near Dublin, Virginia, I was thrilled when the engineer waved and gave a short blast on the whistle. I can still see the smoke and the steam: I can still hear the sounds. But soon the road veered away from the tracks and the train was gone. Little did I know that in just a few years, steam railroading would be gone forever.

This coal tower was built in McComb to replace a wooden tower that burned in 1947. In 10 years it would be obsolete. Illinois Central Railroad ended steam operations in 1957.


  1. I've enjoyed these pictures from the McComb Railroad Museum. I never saw a steam locomotive in actual operation when steam was king. I've only seen the ones being maintained in museums like this. I've posted some pictures of an operating steam locomotive not far from where I live. Thanks for a series of great photos.

  2. Thanks Ed. I was lucky to have some memory of steam even though I was just a boy. Unfortunately steam trains were gone long before I became interested in photography. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of the steam train in Essex. Hope to make it up there one day.


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