Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday morning

9:21 am - The rain is starting to fall 

Bracing for hurricane Sandy, although it looks like the worst of the storm will be passing to the east of us here at the foot of the Blue Ridge.

The first hurricane that I remember was hurricane Hazel, a category four storm that made landfall near the North Carolina/South Carolina border on the morning of October 15, 1954. I went to school that morning, but we were sent home early in the day as the storm approached. That afternoon, I watched as the wind completely destroyed a barn in a nearby field, and after that Mother and I went to the neighbor's basement to ride out the storm. Later in the afternoon, the winds died down and I went outside in the eerie eye of the storm, and then the wind returned and the storm raged into the night. The storm was frightening and exciting and we ate in a restaurant because there was no electricity. I remember it all quite vividly.

Over 1200 people lost their life in Hurricane Hazel.


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