Monday, January 7, 2013

A winter walk in Dismal Swamp #1

 Washington Ditch - Great Dismal Swamp, Suffolk, Virginia 

Thursday after Christmas found me headed for North Carolina for a couple of days to explore the Great Dismal Swamp and surrounding area. Our intention was to put the boat in Lake Drummond and explore by boat, but those plans were stymied. More about that tomorrow.

There is no shortage of trails through the swamps and even though we did not get the boat in the water we spent an enjoyable day hiking. With some sun breaking through the overcast from time to time and temperatures around fifty degrees, it was a pleasant day to be in the woods. And we had the place all to ourselves.


  1. I like the colours of the long grass against the bare trees and the blue grey sky - nice light this time of year.

    1. Thanks Robert. I was very lucky to have great weather for photography while I was in North Carolina. Sun and clouds--the light was very changeable, but was often very nice and I was outdoors with the camera all day long.


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