Thursday, March 7, 2013

March snow

Greene County, Virginia 

Yesterday we had the first, and most likely only, snowstorm of the winter here in central Virginia. The snow started falling overnight and by Wednesday morning we had about 10 inches of very heavy, wet snow.

Here are a few pictures taken in the snow yesterday with my new Nikon P7700 point and shoot camera. I have had the camera only a few weeks and will post my initial impressions of it shortly. All of the photos were taken in RAW mode with minimal processing in Lightroom 4.


  1. You got more photographs than I did. The snow was coming down so hard and was so wet, I had to keep my camera in the bag.

  2. I cheated. All of these pictures were taken from our porch. I never took the camera out in the snow. You're right--much too wet.

  3. I like the photos, Edd. Camera seems to capture nice images. Will be interested in hearing your thoughts on it after you've used it for awhile.

    As for snow/rain photos, I have a "wide" brim hat that I wear and I keep my P&S under my coat until ready to use. The "wide" brim does help to keep it dry. Actually thought about one of those umbrella hats... :-)

  4. Thanks Glenn. A wide brimmed hat is a good idea--I always think bad weather makes for good pictures but you have to be out in it. My DSLR body is weather sealed, but unfortunately, none of my lenses for it are weather resistant so it is not that much of an advantage. What we need is an assistant that can hold a large umbrella for us while we shoot. :)


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