Friday, March 15, 2013

Sugar cat

Highland County, Virginia

This bobcat stands guard In the rafters of Duff's Sugar House. He carries a small jug of maple syrup around his neck

Hope you have enjoyed our visit to the Highland Maple Festival. This Sunday our Third Sunday church is in Head Waters, a small mountain town in Highland County. Stop in for a visit.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading Photography In Place.


  1. I loved the photos from the Highland Maple Festival. As you know, maple syrup is a big business up here in New England as well. I haven't taken in any of the local maple sugar festivals up here yet. It's something I should really do soon! Thanks for the pictures!

    1. Thanks, Ed. I have always associated maple syrup with New England, and was glad to get to see how it is done here in the "south." It is certainly not common around here.


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