Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bodie Island Light Revisited - #2

Dare County, North Carolina 

Unlike its sister lighthouse at Currituck Beach where one can climb to the top at leisure and stay as long as one wishes, the tour of Bodie Island light is conducted by a park ranger in organized groups with limited time for each tour. On the way up, the ranger related the history of the lighthouse, and when we came back down, another group was ready for the climb.

The builder's plaque just inside the main entrance to the lighthouse. Notice the old spelling of  "Body's Island"

Looking east from the top of the lighthouse towards the Atlantic Ocean.

The view to the southwest, toward the North Carolina mainland


  1. I haven't climbed it yet, thanks!

    1. One of the nice things about the view from the top of Bodie Island Light is that there is very little evidence of the development that has marred so much of the Outer Banks. I just wish we could have had more time, but they were keeping to a pretty strict schedule. Hope you get a chance to climb it.


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