Monday, June 3, 2013

Grand Gulf Military Park - Meadow

Claiborne County, Mississippi 

It was a hot and humid morning when I left Vicksburg and took Highway 61 south towards Port Gibson. My plan was to spend a couple of hours at Grand Gulf Military Park, then spend the rest of the day taking pictures in Port Gibson. At lunch time, I was still at Grand Gulf and nowhere near being done. It was after four o'clock before I finished—Port Gibson would have to wait.

Across from the park entrance there is an open field, full of colorful weeds and wildflowers that had caught my eye when I was driving in. I walked over to take some pictures. When I was done I packed the camera in the car and then stopped in the visitor center/museum to say goodbye. "We've been watching you across the road. What on earth were you taking pictures of in that field?"

"The colors over there are quite beautiful," I said.

"You should have been here last week. The colors were really something then."


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