Thursday, June 4, 2015

F.D. Crockett

Deltaville, Virginia 

The F.D. Crockett was built in 1924 in Seaford, Virginia. She worked the waters of the Chesapeake Bay hauling freight, operating as a buy-boat and dredging oysters until 1994. In 2005, the Deltaville Maritime Museum began a complete restoration of the boat. Today, the F.D. Crockett is on display in the water at the museum and travels up and down the bay, a living reminder of the past.

More information on the F.D. Crockett and its history may be found on the Deltaville Maritime Museum's website.


  1. I'm enjoying your pictures from the Deltaville Maritime Museum. The have some very nice boats there on display.

    1. Ed, the Deltaville Maritime Museum is a real gem way off the beaten path. It was not on my itenerary for this trip and I came upon by accident and spent a very pleasant afternoon visiting. Sometimes taking the wrong turn pays off.


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