Friday, June 19, 2015

Norfolk & Western 611 - Return trip

Rectortown, Virginia 

After the Norfolk & Western 611 excursion train left Front Royal (see yesterday's post), I raced back to Rectortown where I had photographed the train headed west in the morning. A whistle in the distance, a column of smoke above the trees, and finally the glimmer of a headlight as 611 came into view. It was over too soon.

Rectortown is an interesting place, and after all the train watchers left, I hung around to take some pictures of the old buildings, one of which dates from the Civil War. More on that next week.

Have a steaming weekend, and thanks for reading Photography In Place.


  1. Greatly enjoyed the photos that you have been showing of the 611. I know that this is hard work but I am sure you find some joy in what you do... said the envious one... :-)

    1. Thanks Glenn. The "hard work" part was all the waiting. comes the train!!...15 seconds's gone.


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