Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving - 2015

Shenandoah National Park 

It was my intention to write a long and crabby post about how Thanksgiving is being overwhelmed by the commercialization of Christmas, which begins before Halloween, and that odious consumer orgy known as Black Friday. But I will spare you all that. Old men complaining about change is nothing new, and nobody wants to hear it.

So let me just wish you a peaceful and enjoyable time with family and friends.

I have written about Thanksgiving when I was in a better frame of mind, and you might enjoy these stories from the past.

A brief fable about the importance of being thankful

A turkey hunt in the mountains of southwest Virginia nearly forty years ago

Remembering my dad on Thanksgiving morning

Thanks for reading Photography In Place. We will be taking a short break for Thanksgiving and will be back on Monday,November 30.


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