Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Turning Around

Frostburg, Maryland

To prepare for the return to Cumberland, Frostburg's depot is equipped with a turntable and a passing track so that engines can be turned, run around the train and re-couple to the other end. While this is going on, the train crew goes through the coaches turning the seats to face the new forward direction.

Since this excursion was powered by two diesel locomotives coupled end-to-end, there was no need to turn the locomotives and the turntable was used as a switch. In the picture above, the locomotives have been un-coupled from the train and the conductor is supervising as the engines pull on to the turntable to rotate a couple of feet into alignment with the passing track.

After the locomotives move over the passing track to the other end of the train, the brakeman guides the engineer into the coupling, connects the hoses and the train is ready for the return trip. The last car of the train coming into Frostburg is now the first car behind the engines.

 With locomotive 501 now in the lead, the train heads down the tracks toward Cumberland.

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  1. it's looking really amazing train



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