Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Mississippi Delta 3

Sharkey County, Mississippi

I live in the mountains. Well, not up in the mountains; I live at the foot of the Blue Ridge, but the Skyline Drive is only nine miles from my house so I think I can reasonably claim to live in the mountains.

In the flat farmland of the Mississippi Delta or the North Carolina coastal plains my eye can stretch to the far horizon to a view so different from what I see everyday at home where the western horizon, the top of the Blue Ridge, is only nine miles away and I am surrounded by hills.

If I had the time, I would happily drive from Vicksburg to Memphis taking in the distance and the green and brown fields and the far horizon. Cotton, corn and beans. But on this Saturday afternoon in August, I had only four hours and I didn't even want to stop to take pictures. I just wanted to keep driving into the flat distance.

I made it as far as Rolling Fork and it was time to turn around. By the time I was near Vicksburg again, the skies had closed in and it was raining hard. And the landscape changed and became more familiar as I crossed the Yazoo river and left the Delta. They don't call Vicksburg the hill city for nothing.


  1. Nice pictures, Edd. I'm always amazed at how flat the land is some areas of our country. You're pictures remind me of the landscape in Ohio, Indiana and some of the other midwest states. Having lived out there, I prefer the hills, mountains and seascapes I find now in New England. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Thanks Ed. I enjoy visiting and photographing in these flat landscapes, but it is always good to get home to the hills and mountains.


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