Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Small house and barn

Green Springs Historic District - Louisa County, Virginia

"Green Springs' collection of rural-type buildings is important not only on an individual structure basis, but as a group in a related historic, social and scenic context. Unlike so may other areas of Virginia, Green Springs never suffered depression or serious war damage. As a result, its structures have always been well-maintained, rarely needing major restoration or repair. The rolling farmlands, as well, have been continuously cultivated and kept up, preserving a neat, pastoral setting for the buildings. The neighborhood thus survives as a uniquely distinct rural district containing outstanding examples of architecture preserved in their original context. Green Springs is a compact and gently civilized countryside where the land has been enhanced rather than despoiled by the presence of man."
National Register of Historic Places Inventory - Nomination Form - Feb 20, 1973


  1. When you see something like this you have to stop and shoot.

    1. You're right Don. I hope to do a lot more photography in this area.


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