Monday, September 3, 2012

Virginia Figs

Greene County, Virginia

A couple of years ago my wife planted a fig tree in the front yard. I had never seen figs growing here in central Virginia, but the tree survived, and last summer produced the first small crop of figs, maybe two dozen or so. This summer, the tree has been loaded with figs, and we have had all the figs we could use and some to give away.

We were away for a week toward the end of August and when we returned many ripe figs had fallen to the ground and fruit flies swarmed on the rotting mess. There are still a few green figs on the branches, but the harvest is mostly done for this year and soon it will be time to remove the bird netting and mulch around the base of the tree to protect against this winter's cold northwest breezes. A pan of ripe figs is a lovely thing.


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