Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Travels: Cape Hatteras Lighthouse #1

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina 

After leaving the Bodie Island Lighthouse, we drove south across Oregon inlet and on to Cape Hatteras. The day was cold and windy, not a day to be on the beach.

In 1999 the lighthouse, on the brink of being destroyed by the encroaching ocean, was moved more than half a mile to its current location. This picture of the the lighthouse in its new location was taken very near the original site where the lighthouse stood for 130 years, At the time the move was undertaken the lighthouse was a mere 120 feet from the ocean.


  1. Great picture, Edd. So is the ocean any closer to where the lighthouse once stood now? I remember reading about the lighthouse being moved. I'm glad it was preserved. It truly is iconic.

    1. Ed, I wasn't able to determine the exact location of the light before it was moved, so I am not sure how close the ocean is now to the old site, but it is very close. There is a seawall and breakwater there still from earlier efforts to protect the lighthouse.


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