Monday, April 22, 2013

Travels: Currituck Beach Lighthouse #1

Corolla, North Carolina

The treacherous waters off the coast of North Carolina's Outer Banks have earned the name "Graveyard of the Atlantic" because thousands of unlucky ships and sailors have met their end there. After the Civil War, shipping increased along this dangerous route and the need for better navigational aids was recognized.

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse, also known as the Corolla Lighthouse, was completed under the supervision of Dexter Stetson, who had also overseen the construction of  the Bodie Island and Cape Hatteras lighthouses. The first order light shone over the Atlantic for the first time on December 1, 1875.

"Currituck" is derived from a Poteskeet Indian word meaning "the land of the wild goose."

The lighthouse, seen here from Currituck Sound, stands 162 feet tall and is visible 18 miles out to sea.


  1. This is a classic lighthouse, Edd. I especially like the second picture showing the lighthouse towering over the surroundings. Nice job!


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