Friday, April 26, 2013

Travels: Currituck Beach Lighthouse #3

Light Keepers Quarters - Corolla, North Carolina 

Nathaniel G. Burris was the first head light keeper at the Currituck Beach Lighthouse. In addition to maintaining and operating the light, the light keepers helped out in rescue operations whenever there was a shipwreck nearby. Burris writes in the logbook:
"November 26, 1877 - Some bodies from the wreck of 'Huron' came ashore near this station. More came on the 27, 28, and 29. The light keepers helped bury them."
"January 31, 1878 - About 11AM I was informed there was a wreck on shore below here. I immediately hastened to the spot. We did all we could to save the passengers and crew and afterwards minister to their wants. The vessel is a total wreck and most of the cargo lost. Near a hundred of the passengers and crew remained and were fed at this station."
This smaller house was moved to the grounds in the 1920s to house the 3rd Assistant Light Keeper. After the lighthouse was electrified and automated there was no need for an on-site light keeper and  the buildings and grounds fell into near ruin. Restoration began in 1980.

Currituck Beach Lighthouse is still in service as an active aid to navigation.

Much of the information in this post, including the quotations from the light keeper's log, came from the November/December 2012 issue of  Lighthouse Digest.


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